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​​First Aid Training for Local Community Women​ 


November 26, 2017

Mr. Jamal Nasir Noory presenting the first aid training for local community women

FMIC conducted a first aid training session for the neighboring community, on November 26, 2017. 

The session was conducted by Mr. Jamal Nasir Noory, Nursing Education Services (NES) instructor focused, on need of first aid, first aider approach, priority actions of a first aider, first aid for injuries, first aid in fainting and burns case, first aid for electrical injury, poisoning seizures, drowning, types of bleeding, shock and other related topics followed by practical activities.

At the end of the session, a first aid kit was given as a gift for the local community women to use in case of emergencies. Women from the local community women appreciated the session and thanked FMIC for conducting such an effective training.

The session is part of the FMIC's project "Community Engagement Activities (CEA)".  CEA's mission is to involve the community living adjacent to FMIC in activities to promote health awareness among the community people through various sessions.

Accidents happen, however having someone who can respond quickly and effectively in emergency cases enhances safety and this is possible if the community has training in first aid. First aiders save lives by offering help in the initial stage of emergencies until advanced care can be sought. Therefore, training and having trained first aiders is necessary for enhancing safety in communities.