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​​​Infection Control Programme

FMIC’s Infection Control Programme (ICP) is a vital part of the foundational services to make our hospital a safe environment. The ICP is responsible for reducing the risk of infection for all our patients, healthcare workers and visitors. 

We work to achieve this by ensuring that FMIC has strong preventative systems in place to: 

Identify and communicate key standards for infection prevention and control, in line with national and international best practices.

Ensure all healthcare workers follow standard clinical practices and the applicable regulations of local governments and Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health.

Support all healthcare workers, patients and visitors in receiving proper education on their roles in infection control.

Create and implement effective procedures to assess risk, monitor infection rates, investigate outbreaks and provide interventions when necessary.

The Infection Control Programme is overseen by the multidisciplinary Infection Control Committee and implemented by the Infection Control Team. 

Dr Naeem Lakanwall
Clinical Pathologist ​
Email: naeem.lakanwall​​​
Phone: +93 (0) 79 1070 000​ Ext:1401

Nazila Hussaini
Infection Control Nurse
Phone: +93 (0) 79 1070 000​ Ext:5600