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​​​​Expanded Health Complex

The Government of Afghanistan is implementing an ambitious plan to rebuild the country’s medical system and improve the quality of care for its citizens. FMIC and its partners are dedicated to providing support for this effort. The Expanded Health Complex is the next stage of fulfilling this commitment.

The Expanded Health Complex will see FMIC transform into a medical centre of excellence in practice and research. The hospital will be a critical intellectual and tertiary service hub for the integrated health systems being built by Aga Khan Development Network in Afghanistan and the larger region. FMIC will contribute to these integrated systems by delivering results-oriented, innovative health care across the continuum of specialties, with precision and efficiency.

When the Expanded Health Complex is complete, it will:
Provide expert diagnostic and medical care in all specialties of medicine and surgery, for adults and children.Play an important role in educating and certifying the next generation of health care professionals, who will lead the reconstruction of Afghanistan’s health system.Engage in relevant community and population-based research.Contribute to the evolution of Afghanistan’s health system by providing leadership and capacity building programmes.Act as a major regional referral center and provide support to outreach and regional programmes.

Development planning for FMIC’s Expanded Health Complex is already underway. ​​​​