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Executive Clinic

At FMIC, we know that your busy schedule can make it difficult to find time to attend to your health. This is why we have introduced the Executive Health Package. 

This package allows you to have all of your medical questions and concerns addressed in just one convenient visit.

Your visit will consist of a comprehensive physical examination, including: 
Complete history and consultation
Chest x-ray
Dental check-up
Ear, nose and throat check-up
Blood tests
-  Cholesterol
-  Creatinine
-  Glucose fasting
-  Haemoglobin
-  Liver function test
-  Platelets
-  Screening for hepatitis B
-  Triglycerides
-  Uric acid

We also recommend that men over 50 years of age participate in these additional tests*:
Prostate ultrasound
PSA test

Saturday to Thursday
8:00am to 5:00pm

Phone: +93 (0) 79 1070 000​ Ext: 6000

*These tests are not included in the Executive Health Package; you will be charged an additional fee for them.​​​​​