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​Patient Rights and Responsibilities
FMIC grounds its approach to healthcare in these Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Let us work together to make your journey to recovery a success.

Your Rights
Access to Care
You have the right to access the best medical care FMIC can offer, regardless of your age, gender, nationality, ethnic background, religious origin or financial means. You also have the right for the approach to medical care to demonstrate respect for your culture, religion and beliefs.

You have the right to receive guidance about the financial assistance options available to support your medical care and treatment. FMIC is committed to providing this guidance, while also acknowledging that financial assistance is subject to the availability of institutional resources.

You have the right to be provided with information about your medical condition, treatment options and medical procedures in a manner that you can understand. When you are discharged, FMIC will provide you and your family with a discharge summary. You may also choose to request a clinical summary, signed by your treating physician.

Patient Education
You have the right to receive support to ensure that you understand information about your medical conditions, treatment options and medical procedures.

Privacy and Confidentiality
You have the right to privacy. FMIC will only disclose private, personal information as per FMIC’s policy  and government regulations.

You and your next of kin have a right to be informed about the benefits and risks of all proposed medical procedures. FMIC will ensure that you or your immediate family is involved in all decisions regarding admission, treatment, referral, transfer and discharge.

Informed Consent
According to FMIC policy, an informed consent form will be administered to you or your next of kin prior to any treatment or procedure. If a person other than the patient must grant consent, FMIC will follow the established process within the context of existing law and culture, as outlined on the informed consent form.

Refusing Treatment
You have a right to refuse treatment and to seek discharge. FMIC will advise you and your family about the medical consequences of such a decision, but it is ultimately yours to make. The hospital will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from a decision to refuse treatment made by you or your family.

Seeking a Second Medical Opinion
You have a right to seek a second medical opinion. You are also entitled to request a change in your treating physician. Where possible, FMIC will help to connect you with a Ministry of Public Health credentialed specialist for this purpose. If you request a consultation with a non-FMIC credentialed physician, we will honor this with the approval of the treating physician and of the Medical Director of FMIC.

Any patient under critical care who is being considered for transfer to an alternate treatment facility has the right to be provided with the necessary support to make such a transfer efficient and safe.

Participation in Research
You have the right to be informed about and to agree or refuse to participate in any research or educational projects that may affect your care or treatment. You have the right to a full explanation of potential benefits and risks of participation, before any research begins. If you refuse to participate, you have the right for this choice not to affect the quality of care available to you. Any research involving patients and/or review of their medical records is subject to the approval of the research protocol by FMIC’s Ethical Review Committee.

The Hospital Ethics Committee
The Hospital Ethics Committee is available to address any conflict or ethical concern related to your care or treatment.

Patient's Complaints/Suggestions
FMIC welcomes any feedback that you or your families have for us. Please feel free to speak directly to the team leader, supervisor, service coordinator, or manager assigned to your care at any time. You may also file a formal written complaint by completing a Complaint/Suggestion Form, available at all service counters and depositing it in the complaint/suggestion boxes available at several locations in the hospital.

Your Responsibilities
You and/or your family members are responsible for:

Providing FMIC with complete and accurate information necessary for your medical treatment.

Abiding by FMIC rules and regulations regarding admission, treatment, safety, privacy and visitor responsibilities.

Refraining from the use of violent and disruptive behavior or language. In the case of any dispute or grievance, you are responsible for bringing the matter directly to the attention of team leader, supervisor, service coordinator, or manager assigned to your care.

Seeking complete and accurate information regarding FMIC services and charges.

Being considerate and respectful of the rights of other patients and FMIC staff.

Not smoking anywhere in the hospital premises, except in designated areas.

Leaving valuable personal belongings at home rather than bringing them to the hospital.

Cooperating with the nursing staff, consultants, housekeeping staff, trainees/residents and students in carrying out assessment, investigative and treatment procedures.

Ensuring complete payment of all FMIC bills in a timely manner.

Exercising care and caution in using hospital facilities and equipment.

​Complying with all discharge instructions and keeping follow-up appointments.

In case of gross misbehavior by you or your family and friends, FMIC reserves the rights to refuse admission to its facility, transfer a patient out of the hospital, or take further action as the situation requires.  ​​​​​