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Patient Welfare Programme
In a country with an under-resourced public healthcare system, many families are faced with impossible decisions when a loved one falls ill. FMIC believes that cost should not stand between families and the medical care that they need. 

The Patient Welfare Programme helps FMIC treat any patient that needs medical attention, irrespective of their background. If your family makes less than Afghani 10,000 (US$ 200) a month, you can apply for financial support from this programme.

Since 2006, the Patient Welfare Programme has enabled over 70,4652  Afghans receive the vital healthcare they need, but could not otherwise afford. 

How does the Patient Welfare Support Programme work? 

The Programme offers financial support on a case-by-case basis. The hospital receives referrals from many areas and determines eligibility based on criteria including:
Patient opts for a General Ward bed.

Patient can make a financial contribution toward his/her treatment.

The offer of support is made before the patient receives any medical service.

The first step towards receiving support is for the patient or their attendant to contact one of FMIC’s Patient Welfare Programme officers, who will guide your family through the process.

How is the Patient Welfare Programme funded? 
The essential work of Patient Welfare Programme is financed primarily by grants, support from FMIC’s operating partners, revenue from hospital services and donations. As of march 2023, FMIC has invested over US$49.5 million in the programme. 

With the demand for welfare growing every year, the hospital needs support to continue providing this life-saving service.​


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