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​​​​Quality Circles

FMIC staff is committed to the continuous improvement of our hospital. This is evidenced by our dedication to Quality Circles: volunteer groups of FMIC staff, which work together to identify and analyse challenges, and present solutions to hospital management.

To celebrate the efforts that the Quality Circles make to enhance FMIC’s performance and enrich employee experience, the hospital holds an annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety convention.

At the 2015 convention, 16 quality projects were presented, on a wide range of quality related issues, including improving quality in health care, how to improve the documentation of medical records, the laboratory supply chain, patient safety and patient safety standards as well as how to have pleasant and healthy hospital environment and many others.

The one-day event brought together around 130 healthcare professionals from Kabul, senior officials from the Ministry of Public Health and other hospitals in Kabul to discuss health care quality issues and propose their solutions.

FMIC has seen the important role that Quality Circles can play in improving healthcare delivery, patient safety and the hospital’s overall success. FMIC will continue to support Quality Circles and remains committed to ensuring that the hospital remains a leading medical institution in Afghanistan and the region.​