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​​​​Vision for the Future

There is a bold vision for the future of healthcare in Central Asia. 

The Government of Afghanistan is working to create an integrated national healthcare system, to provide every adult and child in the country access to world-class healthcare. The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) envisions a sustainable, cross-border healthcare network that equitably serves the health needs of communities across the region.

The FMIC shares both of these visions. To help make these goals a reality, FMIC aims to serve as a beacon of excellence for health services in Afghanistan. To achieve this goal, FMIC will mature into a world-class regional referral hub and a centre for academic excellence in medicine through a three-phase process:

In 2006, FMIC opened its doors to offer healthcare of the highest standard in Afghanistan, on par with the best medical institutions in the region. Initially focusing on providing paediatric surgical care, today FMIC also provides paediatric medicine and plastic surgery, cardiology, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and anaesthesia. FMIC is also working to extend of services to remote regions through eHealth initiatives and has launched postgraduate medical education and continuing medical education programmes.

FMIC has now grown into a fully-fledged maternal and child hospital with the establishment of the Women’s Wing. This new wing includes the first neonatal intensive care unit in Afghanistan and enables FMIC to admit women for maternal care.

FMIC will then open an Expanded Medical Complex, which will establish the hospital as a formidable tertiary referral centre. These additional facilities will enable FMIC to offer a full compliment of medical services, serves as a regional hub for AKDN’s Central Asian integrated healthcare system and encompasses an internationally competitive institution of higher education and training.​