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Healthy teeth are an important part of the overall wellbeing of both children an​d adults. Our Dentistry Clinic provides comprehensive oral health services and a wide range of procedures. Our areas of expertise include scaling, radiography, dental fillings, tooth extraction, root canal treatment and treatment of gum disease.

Saturday- Thursday
8:00am to 6:30pm

Daily Procedures done in FMIC​

Dental procedures which we routinely do in our clinics​

1. Endodontic treatments (Root Canal Treatment, Re Root canal treatment and resection apical) with advanced machinery and materials.

2. Dental surgeries (simple extractions, complex extractions, impacted wisdom teeth extractions)

3. Other surgeries removing of gingival benign tumors (e​pulies and simple cysts)

4. Periodontal disease treatment including:

• Dental scaling

• Root planning 

• Gingival surgery 

5. Cosmetic procedures including: 

• Dental scaling 

• Dental polishing

• Teeth bleaching and whitening  

6. Restorations or fillings including:

a. Amalgam filling

b. Light curing Composite filling 

c. Self-curing  composite filling

d. Post and core build up

7. Pediatric dentistry including:

• Fluoride therapy 

• Root Canal treatment for children

• Dental extractions for children

• Temporary and permanent restorations of filling for children.

8. Prosthodontics :

• Crowns 

• Bridges 

• CC palate 

• Full denture soft liner 

• Simple full denture  

• Mouth guard ​


Reception Number : +93 (0) 791071600 | General Information No. +93 (0) 791070000  

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