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No matter how small, your contribution can make a difference!

Over 2/3rd of the Afghanistan population lives in poverty. There is no social health insurance and more than 76% of the healthcare expenses are paid by families’ out-of-pocket. An estimated 6 million people have no access or insufficient access to healthcare due to unavailability of the public health services or the unaffordability of costly private health services.

 The mortality rate of children under 5 years is 62 per 1000 live births; maternal mortality is 638 per 100,000 live births, and there are only 9.12 physicians in per 100,000 people. These health indicators are one of the lowest in the region and the public health expenditure is extremely low compared to international standards and insufficient to meet the population’s need for health care.

FMIC’s Patient Welfare Programme is a lifeline for the many children and adults who cannot afford the vital and often complex medical care they need. Each day, at least 200 patients refer to FMIC who cannot afford the costs of their medication and treatment. For many patients, even a $10 expense is an obstacle to healthcare. FMIC’s Patient Welfare Programme (PWP) has been in place since 2006 to not let the costs of care stand between patients and the medical care that they need. 

At FMIC, we believe that health services should be available to the people who need them most, regardless of age, religion, gender or income. To date, FMIC has invested $41.6M in patient welfare, through which over 600,000 patients from all 34 provinces of Afghanistan have benefited. Given the situation of chronic poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and insecurity, the demand for welfare support is increasing dramatically. 

In 2020, despite the financial difficulties FMIC experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Patient Welfare Programme supported 40,984 patients, including 5,031 inpatients. In total, it paid for services worth $2.7 million. Only patients whose family income is less than AFN 10,000 (US$ 150) per month can apply for FMIC’s welfare support. 

With the demand for welfare growing every year, the hospital needs support to continue providing this life-saving service. Your gift can truly change the course of someone’s life:

US$2,000 will give the gift of life to a child in need of congenital heart surgery

US$ 1,000 can support the surgery of a child afflicted with a critical disease

US$ 500 can provide a physician’s care and nursing for a medical patient each month

US$ 250 can make a difference to a mother who cannot afford the cost of medical services through her pregnancy

US$ 100 will enable two patients to undergo a CAT scan allowing us to diagnose their condition and propose a course of treatment for their early recovery.

We do appreciate your generosity. One hundred percent of your donation will go to support a patient at FMIC. In many countries lifesaving, gifts for patients are fully tax-deductible. Please remember that you are not giving to us rather through us! We will provide you with the reports and details of your kind support to our patients.

For further details, or to speak with a person about any of our support initiatives, please feel free to contact us:

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