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Consulting Clinics

Visit our consulting clinics, which care for both children and adults.


Professional pharmaceutical services for all patients: all day, every day.

Inpatient Services

Comprehensive inpatient care for children, mothers and adult patients​.

Executive Clinic

Convenient, personalized care for busy professionals.

Diagnost​ic Services

High quality diagnostic testing service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outpatient Services Inpatient ServicesDiagnostic
1. Adult Cardiac Surgery 1. Adult and paediatric Cardiology 1. Comprehensive Laboratory
2. Cardiology2. Adult Internal Medicine2. Cytology and Molecular Pathology
3. Dental3. Anaesthesiology3. Echocardiography
4. Dermatology4. Emergency4. EEC and EMG
5. ENT5. ENT5. ETT, ECG, Holter Monitoring
6. Gastroenterology6. Gynaecology6. Executive screening services
7. General Surgery7. ICU 7. Fluoroscopy
8. Internal Medicine (adult and peads)8. Lithotripsy 8. General Radiology and Ultrasound
9. Obstetrics & Gynaecology9. NICU 9. Histopathology
10. Ophthalmology10. Obstetrics 10. Ophthalmology procedures
11. Orthopaedics11. Ophthalmology 11. Respirometry
12. Paediatric Cardiac Surgery12. Orthopaedics 12. MRI
13. Pharmacy13. Paediatric General Surgery 13. 128 and 16 Slice CT-Scanners
14. Physiotherapy14. Paediatric Medicine 14. Mammography
15. Psychology15. Plastic Surgery 15. OPG
16. Telemedicine16. Urology