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FMIC Hospital Building

​​Health statistics for Afghanistan paint a grim picture. One child in ten does not reach the age of five. One woman dies every two hours from pregnancy-related causes. In some districts, there is one doctor for 50,000 people; some large districts do not even have one medical doctor. To solve these problems, Afghanistan’s entire healthcare system needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

The French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children is a not-for-profit hospital in Kabul, dedicated to providing world-class medical services and helping chart a course towards a sustainable healthcare system for Afghanistan. 

The hospital is run through an innovative four-way partnership between the Government of Afghanistan, the Government of France, the Aga Khan Development Network and the French NGO, La Chaîne de l’Espoir, with Aga Khan University managing FMIC on behalf of AKDN.

Since opening in 2006, FMIC has transformed the lives of many families by providing high quality healthcare to children throughout Afghanistan. 

The hospital’s exceptional medical services rank among the best in the region.​ 

  • FMIC’s Patient Welfare Programme ensures these services are available to the people who need them most, regardless of age, heritage, gender, or income.

  • FMIC’s innovative eHealth programmes increase access to quality healthcare in remote regions.

  • FMIC is becoming a referral centre for hospitals throughout the region.

  • FMIC is investing in the future of Afghanistan’s healthcare system by providing medical professionals with international standard training and professional development.

Since it opened, FMIC has served over 2 million patients, trained over 700 medical professionals and currently employs over 95 percent Afghan staff.​​​​​​​

Our Mission

​FMIC is striving to realize a vital and ambitious vision: to be a leading institute of excellence and innovation in healthcare, research and education services to Afghanistan. ​

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Vision for the Future

FMIC aspirations for the future and its ambitious plans on how to become an academic medical centre of excellence for children and adults.​

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Patient Welfare Programme

FMIC believes that cost should not stand between families and the medical care that they need. ​

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Our History

​The story of how FMIC came to be, through the first international public-private partnership in Afghanistan. ​

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FMIC’s eHealth programme is playing a foundational role in meeting our commitment to increase access to high quality healthcare to people throughout Afghanistan.​

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​FMIC makes an annual report from its activities that are done during the year and publishes at the end of that.​



​Each of FMIC’s four founding partners continues to take an active role in the support and development of the institution. ​


Quality and Safety

FMIC is committed to providing high quality and effective healthcare services to all patients, meeting​ and becoming a role model for other medical institutions in the region. ​