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​​​Quality and Safety

FMIC is committed to providing high quality and effective healthcare services to all patients, meeting and exceeding patient expectations and becoming a role model for other medical institutions in the region. To achieve this goal, FMIC has several on-going initiatives. 

Continuous Quality Monitoring and Improvement Systems
FMIC’s quality monitoring and improvement systems sustain the provision of quality healthcare by ensuring compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements. FMIC also conducts regular internal quality audits in an effort to identify and address gaps in hospital services. Together, these systems and processes generate opportunities for employees to strengthen their professional skills and transform FMIC into a progressive healthcare centre that is a role model for other institutions in the region. 

International Quality Accreditations
FMIC demonstrates its commitment to quality and safety through international accreditations. In 2009, FMIC became the first healthcare institution in Afghanistan to receive the ISO 9001:2008  The hospital is currently working towards Joint Commission International accreditation.

FMIC Annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Convention
FMIC is committed to raising awareness among Afghan healthcare professionals about quality improvement in healthcare and patient safety issues through the hospital’s annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Convention. In addition to bringing together diverse stakeholders to learn and share ideas, this Convention also celebrates FMIC’s quality improvement projects through a juried competition and award ceremony.