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​​​​​​​​ ​Conjoined twins recovering well​​​

August 24, 2015

​​Twenty-six days after being admitted, Ayesha and Sidiqa are ready to go home. The surgery to separate the two progressed successfully and the twins are now well and stable enough to return to their village. They will have to come back to FMIC in six months’ time for some further reconstructive surgery.

“I used to believe that because I had no money, I would not be able to provide my girls, Ayesha and Sidiqa, with medical care and they would have no future,” said Haidar Mohammad. “But when I got to FMIC, they told me not to worry about money, but to think about how to care for our twin daughters when they are healthy.”

Access is one of the main goals of the hospital. People from all across the country have access to FMIC services without any discrimination and those who cannot afford the charges, avail the welfare fund of the hospital. FMIC wants to ensure that a larger number of poor and deserving patients gets the benefit from this programme, therefore the welfare is given to patients on the basis of set criteria. To-date 305,000 patients have benefited from this service. ​