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​​​​​Awareness Session on Dealing with Psychological Problems​

December 10, 2017

Mrs. Nargis Akhlaqi presenting the awareness session to the community and teachers and students

FMIC conducted a Health Awareness Session (HAS) for the Jamal Mena Number 13 school on December 10, 2017. 

Mrs. Nargis Akhlaqi, Clinical Psychologist in FMIC, delivered the session on “Secrets of Peace and Happiness in Life: Dealing with Psychological Problems ”. The issues covered were:  factors affecting mental health, primary treatments for mental disorders, maintaining a family's mental health, how to prevent mental disorders and abnormal behavior, how to have a good relationship within the family, and dealing with problems and pressures of life.

At the end of the session, Mrs. Aziza, the principle of Jamal Mina High School appreciated FMIC's efforts for conducting such useful programs. The session ended with distribution of refreshments. The school management and the students appreciated the session and were interested in attending more of such sessions in the future. ​

Family problems, if not resolved, can lead to tensions, frustrations, and arguments. Issues between parent-child, couples or siblings can create distress within families and should be properly psychologically analyzed and treated. The Clinical Psychology at FMIC is established to offer psychological treatments to diagnose and assess the patient’s psychological problems. The department provides psychotherapy, psychological testing, and diagnosis of mental illnesses. ​