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​FMIC Continues Robust Capacity Building of Afghan Professionals in Healthcare


August 4, 2019

Mr. Nadeem Mustafa Khan DHLT trainer along with FMIC current leaders and mangers during an on-campus workshop conducted at FMIC Auditorium

The French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC) recently completed a tailor-made leadership development program titled Developing Healthcare Leaders for Tomorrow (DHLT). The main purpose of the program was to add value to the knowledge, skills and abilities of current leaders and mangers and enable them to nurture a result-oriented and caring culture at FMIC.  This will ultimately contribute to FMIC’s mission of developing a better healthcare system in the country.

The program commenced on August 7, 2017 and completed on August 1, 2019 covering a wide array of important themes such as, Ethics and Integrity, Culture of Excellence, Communication, Management Essentials, Innovation, Strategy and Risk, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork and Collaboration, Focus on Results, Facilitation, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Information Management, Leading Change, Stakeholder Management, Supply Chain Management, Governance and Compliance.

Lasting for almost two years of extensive learning processes the program included 78 reading materials from Harvard Business Review (HBR) and other recognized academic centers, 289 Skill soft online training courses and 16 on-campus workshops conducted at FMIC Auditorium. On August 4, 2019 a graduation ceremony was organized whereby certificates of completion along with academic transcripts were awarded to 37 healthcare leaders for successful completion of the program in the presence of FMIC board, management and leadership of partner institutions whereas 20 members of FMIC management were able to obtain certificates of participation. In his opening remarks, Mr. Lee Hilling, Chairman of FMIC Board congratulated the graduating leaders and applauded the extraordinary efforts of FMIC management in making the program a great success. He particularly appreciated the tireless efforts of Mr. Nadeem Mustafa Khan, FMIC board member and Dr. Bashir Sakhizada, Administrator HR and Administration at FMIC for playing key role right from the conception to completion of the program. The distinct feature of the graduation ceremony was a thought provoking speech by Mr. Firoz Rasul, AKU President.

The FMIC governance believes that the completion of program is not an end rather the end of a positive beginning towards excellence in leadership and management at FMIC. It is expected that the plethora of knowledge and learning will be practiced on ground. More importantly, the advanced version of this training is already in the offing in the shape of Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP) commencing in September 2019.