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​​She Will be a​​ Strong Lady!

An 11 hours old baby gets new life at FMIC after her mother was shot dead in a terrorist attack in Kabul Last night at   20:45 hrs, an eleven-hour old baby-girl was brought to FMIC emergency room after a ​gunshot attack, in a Kabul based Hospital. She was named in FMIC emergency room Bibi Amina by her family and family friends. She was taken under immediate management by ER medical and nursing staff. 

The baby was in a state of complete shock, suffering from pain, and a very agitated status. Within no time orthopedic and cardiovascular teams were immediately called for the multidisciplinary approach and management.

On clinical exam, she was found with an ischemic leg with motor lesions of bones and muscles as well as three huge open gunshot lesions with huge loss of muscular and skin tissues. She was immediately admitted in NICU for further investigation and exams. The X-ray showed multiple, complex and open fractures of right femur, tibia, and fibulae. The arteries and veins were verified and exposed: small lesions are seen, homeostasis done and the conservative treatment started to keep her leg safe.

This morning after a wide discussion with radiology, orthopedic, anesthesia, neonate ICU, nursing and cardiovascular team, she was taken to OT for a detailed and deep investigation under general anesthesia. The vascular pockets were investigated from the femoral arteries up to end popliteal zone, together with venous system, and open homeostasis done, lavage and cleaning, with primary debridement performed.

She got a normal blood stream in arterial and venous systems with good saturation in the right toes after surgery. She tolerated the surgery very well without any complications. The fractures have been fixed with a splint and will be treated as the inflammation of the revascularization would be subsidized. The vital signs are normal and she was fed with one big baby-bottle milk now. She had a soft time during this afternoon.

This is a unique management of its kind from surgical standpoint, but most importantly it has a humane and emotional dimension to it, which so heartening. Her mother was killed nearby her with multiple gun shots on the chest and face, unfortunately.

She survived and will become a strong lady.

FMIC team would like to thank all the dedicated and trusted teams of cardiology, emergency, pediatric, orthopedic, radiology, NICU, anesthesia, and operating theater for their dedicated efforts towards saving an innocent life.​