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​​Sahil r​egains hopeSahil-pik.jpg

​Sahil (17) is a polite and humble young man with lots of dreams and aspirations. As he grew up in the centre of Kabul city, he was always dreaming to be a man of letters with commitment and zeal to serve Afghanistan - a beautiful country with huge potentials yet suffering from ongoing conflicts for decades. ​

His father is a passionate person very much convinced that education can change society as a whole. He has always motivated his children including Sahil to get a good education and become useful citizens. 

Things were alright till 2019 and Sahil was in the pursuit of his dreams and then something unusual happened. He suffered from fever, weight loss and paleness. His family took him to a nearby hospital and the doctors detected a gallstone and advised him to go for a surgery. Sahil was nervous about undergoing surgery and so were his parents. 

Their fear was exacerbated by the fact that Sahils’ surgery failed due to human error when he underwent the operation in one of the hospitals located in Kabul. The stone in the gall broke in smaller parts and moved in some parts of the liver. This was a real testing moment for Sahil’s family. Some of their friends and family members advised moving abroad for a second surgery. However, Sahil’s father had heard some good stories about FMIC. So they decided to visit FMIC where they came in contact with Dr Tareq Rahimi, the pediatric surgery specialist and head of the department.

After an abdomen ultrasound and CT Scan, Dr Tareq suggested a surgery to extract the broken stones as those were about to make the liver dysfunctional. 

 After the surgery, Sahil was recovering fast but his parents were still worried because of their first experience. This time Dr Tariq Rahimi advised them to stay calm as the danger sign was removed.  Sahil stayed for about 20 days in ICU with critical care of the nurses. After ICU, it was time to stay in IPD under the observation of Dr Mahmood Alokozai, pediatric Medicine Specialist. 

It was an unbelievable experience for Sahil and his family.  ​

Both the doctors assured the family that Sahil will be alright and will soon pursue his dreams with the same energy and enthusiasm. The family left FMIC with a sigh of relief.  Sahil visits FMIC for regular follow-ups.