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​​The right decision to come in the right place​​


Abdul Baset (13) is the beloved son of his family living in​ Paghman (a suburb area of Kabul). ​

Baset is an intelligent student who loves to study biology to become a doctor in the future and serve his country. 

in early 2021, a disease made his life upside down and led him to a new journey. When he was suffering from a gallstone, his father took him to a hospital abroad for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, but a medical error during the surgery affect the life Baset later on. 

Three weeks after the surgery, the patient experienced a tremendous amount of pain in the abdomen along with rigidity and distension. In addition, he was losing weight and paling every day. Gradually, he went into a critical condition. His family visited many hospitals in Kabul, but the hospitals ignored the patient. As a final option, his family hospitalized Baset at FMIC where they could meet Dr Abdul Wahab Amanat, the paediatric surgeon and Dr Najibullah Beena, the cardiac surgeon. 

An immediate laparotomy surgery was planned on Abdul Baset by the team. During the surgery, massive blood and clot in the abdomen and gall bladder area were seen. In addition, there was active bleeding in the right hepatic artery which needed the surgical procedure of laparotomy with facial pledget. 

After a three-hour surgery, little Baset could open his eyes and breath normally. According to Dr Abdul Wahab Amanat: “The patient has come in the right time and the right place.” ​