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​​After getting new life at FMIC- Khal Mohammad says “Do not Play with fire at all” 


Khal Mohammad (13) hails from a village in Sar-e-Pol province, Afghanistan. He was studying in grade 7th with brilliance in all subjects. 

Meanwhile, this little boy was curious to see how petrol catches fire. In early 2019, he somehow got hold of a 3-littre bottle of petrol and tried to ignite it with matches. Suddenly the flames captured him allover and the right side of his body got burnt and put him in critical condition. The scorches on his body made his life miserable and he needed emergency care. He lost movement completely since the muscles were damaged due to “Grade 3 burns.” ​

His father (Mohammad Rasool) took him to different hospitals in Mazar province, but to no avail. One of his relatives knew about FMIC and advised Rasool to give it a try. Khal Mohammad was then brought to FMIC in August 2020, as a last resort. 

Dr Homayoon Ghairatmal, one of the renowned paediatric surgeon at FMIC performed a surgery of skin graft and contracture release 10 times during 3 months of Khal’s stay at FMIC- ICU to rescue Khal from the trauma. This paid off and Khal recovered fast. His excitement was worth noticing when he started moving, talking and walking again without any pain. Little Khal Mohammad received financial assistance from Enabled Children Initiative (ECI) and FMIC Patient Welfare Programme. 

On December 24, 2020, he visited Dr Homayoon for the second time and the 11th surgery of skin graft was done. According to the physician, the patient is healthy, but he needs some physiotherapy and probably an elbow joint replacement to release the bone contracture. 

Khal Mohammad’s father was so happy that his little son is healthy after facing the odds. In a recent conversation with FMIC communications team, Khal Mohammad himself narrated the story of his adventure while advising other children not to play with flames AT ALL! ​