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​​​​Marhaba Resumes Back Her School after Successful Treatment at FMIC

Marhaba.jpgThe Afghan Pediatric Surgery team at FMIC has so far saved many families from traveling abroad for crucial treatments.​​

Marhaba, a 14-years-old girl lives in Kabul city with her family comprising of seven members. She used to attend school regularly unwary of the presence of a huge mass in her belly. Gradually she felt discomfort, pain, and swelling in her belly coupled with spells of fainting while at school. Her parents were quite worried and took her to numerous hospitals and healthcare centers but to no avail. Marhaba’s pain was on the rise and so was her parents’ anxiety. 

Ultimately, they decided to take her abroad despite their limited wherewithal. Some friends advised Marhaba’s parents to visit FMIC giving them hope that it is the last resort for numerous Afghan patients with complex diseases. Somehow indisposed, they visited FMIC and met the CEO.  At this stage, they were quite sure about a miracle to happen.  

The FMIC Paediatric surgery team lead by Dr. Mohammad Tareq Rahimi, Head of the Paediatric Surgery Department successfully operated her on May 22, 2019. The doctors removed a huge cystic mass of five KGs (28*22*24 cm in size).  

An abdominal mass is an abnormal growth in the abdomen causing visible swelling and pressure to other organs and may change the shape of the abdomen. A person with an abdominal mass may notice weight gain and symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, pain, psychological stress, and bloating.

Marhaba was happily discharged the next day of her operation- enjoying good health and excited to attend school again. Marhaba’s father, Sayed Nasratullah, who is the only breadwinner in the family, expressed his gratitude to FMIC for changing the course of his life. By profession, he is a driver who has served the Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The proud team of pediatric surgeons at FMIC is committed to continuing their best possible professional service to the people of Afghanistan while helping them to reduce the financial burden and avoid stress. Otherwise traveling abroad for seeking treatment means loads of burden and tension. The journey of miracles and excellence continues!​