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What is the Family Hifazat Card?Family-Hifazat-(Eng+Dari-Brochure)-final-1.jpg

The Family Hifazat Card will give you access to online applications where you can view health information for yourself and all your family members.

What are the Benefits of the Family 
Hifazat Card?

With this unique platform, you and your family members can access individual medical profiles online from anywhere, at any time. Information accessible on the online platform includes the following from the French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children Database. 

• Diagnostic test results (Lab Test, Radiology Report).

• Record of previous and current medications 

• Discharge summaries 

Your health is your biggest asset, therefore it needs attention and care. Your Family Hifazat Card gives you access to your health information and reminds you to take care of your health.​

How to Register?

1. Registration:

To avail this service, you can register online at the Family Hifazat portal on or visit our Family Hifazat Registration Desk, at FMIC.

Supporting Documents

The following documents are required at the time of registration;

• Tazkira ID for Afghanistan Nationals 

• Passport for foreign nationals

• Birth Certificate for Children under 18 years age 

2. Account Activation and Consent Form of Family Members:

Once you have completed the online registration, you will receive the consent form in person for your participating family members, after verification of the documents.

The consent form has to be manually signed by all the participating family members and must be returned in person or via mail to the Family Hifazat registration desk at FMIC. 

Once these consent forms are submitted,  you will receive an account activation email to activate your account and set a password.​

Family Hifazat Mobile Applications ​

Click to Download iOS App​       Click to Download Android App

Click here if you want to register on the website​

Terms and Conditions

The French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children 

Family Hifazat Card

The cardholders understand, acknowledge, and accept that:


Verification of the document (s) submitted at the registration desk or uploaded on the portal at the time of registration will take 3 working days to process and verify for legitimacy and authenticity. In case of any fake document (s) suspected, the registration process will be canceled by the French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children.

Account activation:

Activation of the account will not be guaranteed until verification of all documents is complete.


The medical information of the cardholders will only be accessible via the Family Hifazat portal or mobile app after accepting the online consent form.

Changes in Terms and Conditions:

The French Medical Institute for Mother and Children (FMIC) holds the sole authority to revise or terminate any terms and conditions of the family Hifazat Card at any time, without prior notice to the cardholders. Moreover, the French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children can also add or delete any features of the Family Hifazat portal and mobile app at any time without informing its users.

Card Cancellation:

 Participation in the Family Hifazat plan is entirely voluntary and users can cancel their registration at any time.​